Partnering with Nature

Most of us love nature and leave home to seek its beauty and wonders in places other than our own homes.  Why not re-create this natural beauty in your own yard?  It is not difficult and this design can be based on your own personal responses to what you see and feel when you visit nature in its natural form.  You can envoke a design that brings out your favorite places you enjoy through the use of similar design within your own landscape.

Nature can be your greatest teacher.  By copying her design, we can bring tranquility to our lives by developing a landscape that will sooth and relax us.  Reduce our use of chemicals that may be harmful to us and the environment.  Produce food for wildlife and even ourselfs.  Grown without pesticides and chemicals! 

The biggest obsticle for us is letting go of our own ideas of what a landscape should be and accepting nature's design.  This does not mean that you do not alter your landscape.  It means that your landscape needs to work with nature to produce a balance that works for you but at the same time does not counter nature.  Keep an open mind and allow new ideas to enter.  Remember an old saying; a full cup cannot receive anymore water, but a half full cup can.  Allow yourself to receive new knowledge.

There are many who feel that nature is the great healer.  That our daily lives are so stressful that we are creating most of our own ills.  Can we change our lifestyles in this new age environment?  Most of us cannot, as we are tied to it too tightly, in order to earn a living and raise a family.  What we can do, is create an oasis in our own backyard that we can escape to, that will relax us and reduce stress.  We believe that a person who is aligned with nature is in a better state of health than those who are not.

In the past, we have been told we have 2 choices for our yards.  One is the big green lawn with a few trees and a foundation planting of yews and junipers.  The other is to eliminate as much landscape as possible by paving over ground, adding other buildings and building large decks.  There is a third choice, we can work with nature and break the myth that you cannot bring nature to your backyard.

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