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Woodside Gardens  utilizes a design process so that our clients are assured the finest design that meets both their needs and budget. The charge for design services is $85.00 per hour. The minimum design fee is $850.00 and is collected as a retainer with your signed contract. The services included in this contract are:

Site measurements. Existing structures, vegetation, etc.

Elevations. Height elevations will be taken as required by the project.

Site photography. "Before" pictures to assist in the design process.

Design time. Studio time spent developing the concept(s) and final plan.

Design review meetings. Meetings to review the concept and final plan.

Design supplies and equipment. All equipment and supplies needed to produce the plan. Including but not restricted to; computer, software, printer, paper, ink & binder.

The services not included in the contract are:

Property survey. A survey may be required if there is no clear definition of the property boundary or in the case of working within setbacks required by the municipality where the work is being performed. If a survey is required there will be an additional charge.

Full site topography. Depending on the complexity of the project a full property survey with existing contour lines may be required for permitting. If this is required for the project there will be an additional charge.

Permit or other municipal fees. Client is responsible for filing all appropriate documents for permits and paying all fees required.

Work as presented in the design.  Estimated costs will be calculated that reflect the work presented in the plan.

Plant Material.  Plant material may be purchased separately from Woodside Gardens or may be purchased elsewhere.

Labor to implement plan.  Contractors and services needed to implement plan are hired separately and are not part of this agreement.

Design Process:

Initial consultation: A meeting to discuss the project scope. During this meeting we ask a series of questions that will develop the program for the design. In addition, we ask that you have carefully considered a budget for your project. The more information you provide, the faster and more efficient the process.

Site measurements and photography: Collect all the information required to develop a base map for the property including elevations if required. Document existing conditions, views, existing plantings, etc. with digital photos.

Base map. All the information needed is input into our software program.

Concept plan: The concept plan is developed with the design program as the guide.

Concept review meeting: Plan presented for discussion and review.

Revisions and final plan: Revisions are made, plants selected, and the final plan prepared.

Final design review: The final design is presented along with estimated costs to execute all the work.


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